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Gallagher Wealth Management Services

You Deserve Your Own Financial Strategy

Financial Planning

At Gallagher Wealth Management we believe that everyone deserves a financial plan and that having a financial plan is essential to any investment plan. Because of this, we offer a foundational financial plan at no additional cost. We ask the right questions. We listen, so we can know you. We understand your needs, your concerns, and help to clearly define your financial goals. We then develop a path to pursue your goals.

While our foundational financial plan is a great resource, it may not be adequate for every client. For our clients that have a substantial net worth, are high income earners, or own a successful business we recommend a more comprehensive financial plan which is available for a fee.

Our comprehensive financial plan evaluates every aspect of your finances. We review all bank statements, investment statements, tax returns, insurance policies, each asset and liability, we examine everything. Our comprehensive financial plan includes, but is not limited to cash flow analysis, retirement planning, tax management, estate planning, risk management, investment management, insurance, debt structure, college planning, and complex life issues. Upon review of your financial plan we will work collaboratively with your legal, tax, and insurance teams to implement your financial strategies.

Advisory Services

Our business is providing advice and implementing strategies, not selling products. We prefer the benefits and flexibility of competitive fee-based investing. Gallagher Wealth Management offers portfolio management services and access to many of the nation's renowned, professional money managers through fee-based compensation arrangements. We consider this approach to be more objective because our compensation is tied to the long-term success of your portfolio. It also enables us to hire and fire money managers, shift allocations, and adjust to the ever-changing markets without incurring transaction fees or being confined to a particular fund family. This cost-effective program is designed to help you pursue your financial goals.

Estate Planning Strategies

You have spent a lifetime building your legacy. Gallagher Wealth Management guides families to review, develop, and implement personalized estate-planning strategies. We work collaboratively with your tax, legal, and insurance professionals to view your estate plan from all angles, identify opportunities and avoid strategic mistakes, in order to help you carry out your legacy. Taking action today with your professional advisors could protect your beneficiaries from considerable delays, fees, and taxes.


We help our clients with a variety of cost-effective trust strategies to suit their specific needs and desires, including: Revocable Living Trust, Credit Shelter Bypass Trust, Qualified Terminable Interest Property Trust, Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust, Charitable Trust, and Dynasty Trust. If you choose to invest trust assets through us, you may benefit from reduced trust management fees and administrative fees.

Furthermore, we offer professional trust management, an institutional trustee, and successor institutional trustee services through The Private Trust Company.


Protecting your assets and financial plan from the unexpected is a crucial component of wealth management. We review our client’s insurance needs and existing insurance policies. We have access to several of the most reputable insurance companies and since we are an independently-owned business we have no obligation to use one product over another. We offer disability insurance, hybrid long-term care insurance, traditional long-term care insurance and a broad list of life insurance products including: Term, Whole, Universal, and Variable Universal Life Insurances.

Employer Sponsored Retirement Plans
for Business Owners, Retirement Plan Sponsors and Non-Profit Organizations

As the leader of your organization you value your employees and focus an enormous amount of energy on creating your culture and building a successful and reputable company. We believe that you can attract and retain employees with a better retirement plan. We guide you through plan design to pursue your goals for your retirement plan. We share the risk of your fiduciary liability, so you know that your employees’ best interest is our best interest. Gallagher Wealth management can help you navigate the complex choices available to you, including:

401(k) Plans

Profit Sharing Plans

Defined Contribution Plans

Defined Benefit Plans

403(B) Plans

457 Plans



IRAs & Roth IRAs

For most of us, saving for a comfortable retirement is at the top of our priority list. At Gallagher Wealth Management we plan for your retirement so that you can retire on your terms. IRAs and Roth IRAs achieve tax deferred growth and help to save you money on taxes now or taxes in the future. We can help you to decide which type of account is the right fit for you and if a Roth IRA conversion makes sense for your retirement goals.

Education Planning

Paying for college may feel overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. However, it is a big task and requires planning. The best approach is to start when your child is young and invest consistently. Gallagher Wealth Management can help you to design an education savings plan for your goals and budget to help a child or grandchild afford college by utilizing qualified state tuition programs, also called 529 college savings programs. 529 Plans allow you to invest into a tax advantage savings plan. Taxes are deferred while invested in the plan and as long as the funds are utilized to pay for qualified post-secondary education expenses or private school grades K-12, the distributions are tax free.

Fixed Income

Whether you are looking to generate income or preserve your cash value verse inflation, Gallagher Wealth Management has a disciplined strategy to pursue your goals. We build laddered fixed income strategies utilizing: US Treasury, zero coupon, and corporate bonds, municipal bonds, certificates of deposit insured by the FDIC, and when appropriate structured products.

Equity Investments

Gallagher Wealth Management guides clients in trading common and preferred stock listed on the major exchanges. As an independently-owned business we have no obligation to favor one investment product or service over another. We have access to research and analysts from several distinguished firms. We utilize research from a multitude of resources to make our own analysis and pursue the most suitable investments to help you address your goals. We begin our analysis by evaluating potential downside risks, we then assess financial strength, and finally gauge potential growth and returns for the risk taken. We do not invest in penny stocks or the latest fad. We invest in high quality, financially strong, leaders and future leaders of industry.

Cash, Banking, and Lending Solutions

We offer a variety of Cash, Banking, and Lending Solutions through our affiliates at LPL Financial. LPL Financial offers a multitude of services to help you manage your long-term investments and day to day finances in one convenient account, to include:

Collateralized Lending(Businesses & Individuals)

Margin Lending

Insured Bank Cash Sweep Programs

Money Market Accounts

Automatic Bill Pay

Check writing

Credit & Debit Cards

Client Confidentiality

We understand our clients choose to share a lot of personal information with us. Client Confidentiality is of the utmost importance to us. Please click the link below to view LPL Financial Privacy Policy.

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