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Investment Management

We have strong conviction for each investment that we utilize.

At Gallagher Wealth Management we believe that your investment allocation should be tactical and nimble while maintaining focus on your long-term goals. We are not afraid to make diligent and purposeful shifts and adjustments outside of the industry standards of a diversified portfolio, based on current market conditions and a thorough assessment of potential market movements, while maintaining your defined risk parameters.

The top priority in our investment selection process is to analyze and understand potential downside risk of each position. Once we understand the risk and can quantify potential loss, we analyze and assess financial strength, leadership, and growth potential. We then decide whether the potential gain is worth the risk of potential loss for the investments specific purpose in your portfolio. We have strong conviction for each investment that we utilize.

When evaluating professional money managers and mutual funds we don’t just rely on past performance. We are prudent in our assessment of risk verse return, investment quality, consistency of performance, and fees. However, we believe the best predictor of continued success is people and process. Therefore, we evaluate the investment selection and management process of each manager and follow each manager’s, tenure and management criterion. We search for professional money managers that are consistently good, rather than occasionally great.

Our Process

We believe that it is our responsibility to do everything that we can to guide you in the pursuit of pursuing your financial goals. This is the reason that we believe in purpose driven investments and wealth management.

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